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Presenting AutoCHGR's CUBO, the ultimate solution for efficient and simultaneous EV charging. With two outputs designed to charge two EVs concurrently, CUBO significantly enhances the utilization rate of EV charging, catering to the growing global commercial demands. Safety and precision are our top priorities, as CUBO features a MID certified meter, built-in RCD, and advanced 6mA DC leakage detection, ensuring accurate and secure EV charging. Moreover, CUBO seamlessly integrates with the OCPP 1.6 protocol (with the option for OCPP 2.0), enabling the streamlined operation and maintenance of multiple chargers through a single cloud platform. Experience an integrative and reliable business EV charging solution that delivers unparalleled efficiency with CUBO.

  • OCPP 1.6 protocol(OCPP 2.0 is optional) integration
  • Cloud platform operation & maintenance
  • 2 outputs within 1 charger
  • Space saving floor standing design
  • Color & slogan customization
  • 2x7kW / 2x22kW
  • App operation / RFID Authentication / Plug-To-Go
  • RCD Type A & 6mA DC residual current protection
  • MID certified energy meter accurate measurement
  • Galvanized steel housing material design adapts to corrosion weather
  • 2-Year Warranty

User Manual & Specifications

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  • Reliable

    Built for extreme environment such as -30°C ice and snow season or 55°C hot and direct sunshine

    Core parts take industrial grade components and offer 15-year design life

  • Secure & Safe

    Both control circuit and power circuit are completely isolated

    Increased anti-jamming capacity to ensure stable working condition

    Tempered glass panel and all metal case

    IP65 protection grade higher than industrial standard

  • Intelligent

    Real-time searching, reservation, fast charging via mobile application

    Flexible payment options including RFID card, and mobile payment

  • Fast Charge

    Max 44kW AC output, supporting commercial vehicles and public transport

    Super fast charging