How can we increase your operational advantage?

AutoCHGR offers a range of charging equipment and solution choices. When it comes to venues and department store-style parking facilities, we not only assess the existing conditions and provide suitable installation recommendations but also collaborate as AutoCHGR 's charging station partner. We can help you:

Prolong customer visits and increase their frequency

Electric vehicles typically require 1-2 hours for charging, extending the time customers spend in your parking area and creating more opportunities for them to make purchases. By integrating charging with their shopping needs, consumers are encouraged to visit shopping malls more frequently in their daily routines, enhancing their loyalty to these mall visits.

Attract a larger consumer base

Given the rising popularity of electric vehicles in the market, the inclusion of charging stations not only draws in car owners seeking charging and shopping opportunities but also introduces new visitors who arrive for charging and subsequently explore your mall, leading to increased spending at your location.

Enhance customer favorability through value-added services

The introduction of charging equipment within your shopping mall can offer customers a wider range of services. It also allows car owners to form a positive impression of your establishment from the moment they enter and park their vehicles, establishing long-lasting customer relationships and delivering additional value, thereby bolstering customer satisfaction.


Charge while you shop, shop while you charge

As the prevalence of electric vehicles continues to rise, the installation of charging stations has emerged as a prevalent practice among shopping mall operators. AutoCHGR boasts significant expertise in developing solutions for department stores and has established successful partnerships with renowned agencies like Transport for NSW, Sixt, and AutoNexus. Here is a glimpse of our past project achievements:

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