How can we increase your operational advantage?

AutoCHGR offers a range of charging equipment and solution alternatives. In the case of petrol station sites, aside from evaluating the physical setting and providing appropriate installation recommendations, partnering as AutoCHGR's charging station collaborator, we can help you:

Strengthen customer retention and attract new ones

As electric vehicles gain popularity, some gas vehicle owners are transitioning to electric vehicles and offering charging services at their establishments. This transition need not lead to the loss of existing customers due to changes in vehicle preferences. It also presents an opportunity to attract current electric vehicle owners to become new patrons at gas stations. This strategy aims to retain loyal customers while diversifying the customer base.

Increase supplementary income at your site

Incorporating charging stations at your location not only draws both gasoline and electric vehicle users due to charging demand but also generates additional revenue through shared profits from electricity costs. This enables your gas station to maximize earnings without requiring extra space.

Embrace early transformation

Amid the world's progressive shift toward green energy, in addition to your existing refueling services, we can install charging stations at your sites, positioning you as a pioneering hybrid energy provider encompassing both oil and electricity. This proactive approach allows you to seize market opportunities early, enhance your green energy brand image, and cultivate a devoted customer base.


Fueling equals charging, charging equals fueling

As Australia progressively embraces green energy evolution, the deployment of charging stations represents a forward-looking shift in energy supply stations. AutoCHGR possesses substantial expertise in supplying gas station sites with EV chargers and our products has been used with key players like Uni-President Seiko and Taiwan Sugar gas stations.

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