How can we increase your operational advantage?

AutoCHGR offers a range of charging equipment and solution choices. When it comes to different types of parking lots, we not only assess the existing conditions and offer suitable installation recommendations but also collaborate as AutoCHGR 's charging station partner. We can help you:

Minimize the quantity of unused parking spaces

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the road each year, offering charging services in your parking facility will make it more appealing to car owners. This not only caters to their daily charging requirements but also entices more frequent visits, effectively reducing the number of vacant parking spaces at your location.

Boost supplementary revenue streams

Incorporating charging stations at your establishment will not only prolong vehicle stays due to increased charging demand but also generate additional income through sharing profits from electricity costs. Diversify your parking lot operations, utilizing the same space to double your earnings.

Effortlessly meet green energy policy requirements

Government mandates for green energy parking spaces in lots are progressively on the rise. We can aid parking lot owners in establishing compliant facilities, ensuring alignment with regulations. This not only attracts increased foot traffic revenue but also facilitates smooth adherence to parking space business regulations, positioning you ahead of the curve and prepared for upcoming trends.


Parking while charging, charging while parking

With the government steadily elevating the quota for green energy parking spaces each year, charging stations have evolved into an essential feature for parking facilities. AutoCHGR boasts substantial expertise in constructing parking lots and maintains partnerships with local councils like Canterbury and Camden, as well as parking equipment suppliers. Below, you can find our track record:

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