OCPP Management System

Compatible with all OCPP software, AutoCHGR offers easy, intelligent, and insightful EV charging management. Integrated with Australia's top software platforms, it empowers you to choose the ideal software solution for your needs as a hardware-agnostic charger.

Efficient Management of Charging Stations

Effortlessly manage numerous charging stations, transactions, and users from a single interface. Monitor your network via web browsers or control charging sessions with any OCPP app on your phone.

  • Remote station control from phone or computer.
  • Power usage optimization.
  • Site control and automation configuration.

Software that aligns with your specific needs

Intelligent Charging

Establish charging timetables and oversee the energy consumption of your stations. Whether it's to restrict grid usage or adapt to changing energy costs, you have complete authority.

Expand your enterprise and reach your objectives

Track, enhance, and report on all facets of your fleet and EV infrastructure. Gain practical insights into charger status, charging behaviors, and energy usage to support improved business decision-making.

Access comprehensive real-time charging data.
Filter and export transaction details in CSV format.
Centralize management of your entire charging network.

Smartphone application for convenient payment and management of charging services

View charger availability and charging speeds within your OCPP network.
Access precise pricing details prior to initiating a charging session.
Commence charging sessions using the mobile app or RFID charge card at any station.
Effectively oversee your account, card, and stations from the convenience of your hand.

Effortlessly earn income without complications

Streamline the process of billing and reimbursing charging expenses with various stakeholders while effortlessly generating revenue by establishing fees for your charging station users. Additionally, you can make your charging stations visible online, ensuring they are easily discoverable by all electric vehicle drivers on EV charging maps.