Our Standard Installation Package Includes:

  1. Installation of an RCBO Type A protection device in your existing utility panel box.
  2. A 15-meter cable run.
  3. Placement of the charging station at your preferred location after an assessment.
  4. Full testing and certification of the charging station to ensure it operates correctly.

Our Turnkey Residential Installation Process:

  1. We'll contact you within 24 hours of your initial inquiry.
  2. AutoCHGR will arrange an appointment or site inspection.
  3. Installation will be completed within 5 business days after confirming the installation date.

Scope of Work:

If the required work goes beyond the standard installation, AutoCHGR will provide a personalized quote for additional services. The standard installation covers connections with the charger placed within 15 meters of your building's electrical box. It does not include any expenses associated with upgrading your home's electricity supply, such as moving from single-phase to 3-phase power if only single-phase is currently available.

All work will be carried out during regular business hours.

Not Included:

Custom work that falls outside the scope of the standard installation will incur extra charges. These charges will be determined and billed directly by AutoCHGR Certified Installers. AutoCHGR has negotiated regional contractor pricing to ensure transparency and a positive customer experience.

Service Area:

AutoCHGR offers installation services throughout Sydney.

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