How can we increase your operational advantage?

AutoCHGR offers a range of charging equipment and solution choices. For lodging establishments like hotels and B&Bs, we won't just assess the existing setup and provide suitable installation recommendations; we'll also become AutoCHGR's charging station partner. We will:

Attract a larger customer base in the lodging industry

The availability of EV charging services at hotels and B&Bs has increasingly become a pivotal factor for car owners when they organize their travel accommodations. Installing charging stations can boost the willingness of car owners to stay at these establishments, thereby expanding the pool of potential customers. By offering charging services, you not only introduce yourself to travelers but also generate more visits and higher occupancy rates.

Enhance the amenities at your hotel

Incorporating charging infrastructure into your hotel or B&B not only improves the guest experience but also transforms your establishment into a secure and electric vehicle-friendly environment. By installing charging stations, you can distinguish yourself within the industry, elevating the overall perception of your accommodation and boosting its reputation for quality service.

Boost your establishment's visibility

Apart from being featured on our APP and charging map platform, lodging facilities with charging stations will also periodically engage in brand promotion initiatives. These efforts are aimed at directing car owners to choose these establishments for both accommodation and charging needs.


Staying is recharging, charging is staying

As the number of electric vehicles increases, the installation of charging stations has become a trend among accommodation operators. AutoCHGR has a lot of experience in building websites for hotels and B&Bs, and has cooperated with well-known partners such as Sheraton, Taitung Naruwan Hotel, Ramside Hall etc.

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